Holiday Weeks

Holiday weeks France (Burgundy) L'huy Preau
18 to 25 July 2020

Sculpting in natural materials

The artist Matisse, said it already: "I believe it only when I can touch it"

Working in natural and traditional materials is a challenge. You can work in stone, wood, clay or modeling wax. Our hands do the work, sawing, grating, filing, building up has something meditation that makes the body and mind in balance.

When making an image you often want to make something as it is in your head, but sometimes the material is already starting point enough. The tangible and tangible material is a nice challenge to come to work. The stone or wood gives so much inspiration that the rest almost goes automatically. Sculpting is mainly playing with light, looking, discovering your own imagery, and especially the pleasure of forming with matter. The different sculpture techniques, the tools, the development of an idea are discussed.

Every day we work outside in the beautiful landscape. It will be a carefree immersion in sculpting. Beginners and advanced are welcome.

The course for a week costs 275 euros, this includes material. For students and children or people with a benefit, there are special prices.

Contact us for questions and specific wishes

The costs for the stay include accommodation and 3 fantastic vegetarian / organic meals per day. Furthermore, there is coffee and tea throughout the day.

You can stay in your own tent (400 euros for a week) or choose a room in the country house (from 560 euros per week) or a room with bathroom in the Oostweide (from 660 euros). A stay in a hotel tent is from 490 euros per week.

Week 11 to 18 July, 2020
Sculpting, portrait and figure central

Imagining ourselves, being human
through the ages, the source of inspiration in the Arts.
Everyone can learn this!

Sculpting is mainly having fun with the hands in the clay. Forming, looking and coming to the picture. We often think in 'beautiful' or 'ugly' but beauty has so many aspects.
Experiencing yourself to get started and create a human form gives us energy. At Preau you can take on the challenge and model a figure or portrait. We are introduced to the many different aspects of this.

We immerse ourselves in the anatomy, the relationships between the masses and the different techniques. The most important thing is to look carefully because sometimes something looks different than we had always thought. All sorts of facets of forming an image are covered but also the investigation of your own personal style. Of course, art history is not forgotten and I tell about the history of the portrait and figure in the art world and I take many examples.

It will be a wonderfully malleable week where I can respond to individual wishes. Young and old, with or without experience, it will be a carefree week. We work every day until late lunch and in the afternoon the studio remains open.

For more information I am available:
Carla Rump

Costs for the course 275, - including the materials!

The Preau estate is an inspiring place for creative holidays. Individuals, families, students can go here. From 400 euros you can book a stay where all meals are included, there is also free tea and coffee.

Week 1 to 8 August, 2020
Drawing and painting

The landscape inspires and fascinates. It has many faces and reveals itself to everyone in a different way. The longer you look at it, the more leads it gives to experiment and imagine. By means of different assignments it is all about discovering your form language, your own handwriting, your own style.

In this Paradise environment with lots of trees, space and tranquility, we will capture the landscape on paper or canvas.

We experiment with all kinds of materials, techniques, colors and focus mainly on the perception and the imagination of this. Deepening the visual language is done on the basis of various exercises that focus on good looking instead of thinking what we see.

It is about discovering your own unique style!

During the week, classes start after breakfast. The afternoons are free for all kinds of trips or just continue to work. Both beginners and advanced students are welcome. The guidance is individually focused but above all original and inspiring!

There is a lot of room for individual wishes. Beginners and advanced students of all ages are welcome!

On Friday evening we will receive all the Preauers of this week at our exhibition!
Cost of curus. € 275, - (discount for children, students)

The stay at Preau includes meals and accommodation. This can be from 400 euros per week.
Feel free to contact us. Especially specific wishes are always fun.

Course per week 275 euros

The stay at Preau is from 400 euros per week. This includes the meals and tea and coffee during the day.

For the stay, I refer you to